Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

My good buddy, Keith King, is fixin' to be ready for his events in the upcoming Montana Special Olympics Track & Field Meet. Then he will perform two of his original songs at the dinner and dance that follows the meet at the Holiday Trade and Convention Center on Friday, April 29th, 2016.

Keith has been active in Montana Special Olympics Sports for as long as I have known him and longer. He takes special pride in his abilities to compete in all sports such as track and field, basketball and hockey.

On Friday, April 29th, Keith will compete in the mile, 100-meter dash, and the long jump. This year he hopes to take home a couple more medals.

When he is not practicing for sports he is taking care of his siblings and has a part-time job for extra spending cash.

Keith and I met up one day for another passion in his life, music. When he was not accepted by any recording studios in Billings, he came to me fresh out of ideas. I told him that I would work with him and his music endeavors when I have extra time outside of my own crazy busy schedule.

Within that little bit of extra time, we have been able to find his skill level and create an approach for Keith to build on these skills. Since 2012, we have managed to produce two songs with a hip-hop feel, "I'm A Champion" and "The Rimrockers."

Keith has been asked by his fellow peers and teammates to perform these songs at the Special Olympics Track and Field dinner and dance. Keith will be at Bamskeez Music on Monday to polish his skills.

We will keep an eye on Keith as the year unfolds. With his confidence and pride, he is a strong competitor and has his eye on the prize!