Sodexo is a huge, global company that "provides facilities management and food services to schools, universities, hospitals, senior living communities, venues and other vital industries."  In other words, they help feed millions of people every day.

When I heard that our local Sodexo is part of an initiative to serve more locally sourced foods in Montana schools, I was a little intrigued. Sodexo is now sourcing Montana grown Empire apples from Swanson's Mountain View Apple Orchards in Corvallis. This family-owned company has been growing apples in the Bitterroot Valley since 1909.

Sodexo chefs in all Billings SD2 schools are currently competing in a contest to develop a new menu item that will feature Swanson's Empire apples. I think this is an awesome concept, and I love seeing huge companies like Sodexo trying to incorporate more locally sourced ingredients. It's good for Montana and will surely be yummy for the kids.

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