Two things are likely about the new Stallone movie, "Creed", coming out this November:

1) It will not be very good.
2) I will watch it anyway.

In the movie, Stallone is back as Rocky and this time he is the trainer of Apollo Creed's up and coming son. Apparently the testosterone flow got a little thick on the set and an actual fight broke out in the ring. Thank God there was a 68 year old action star close by to intervene. I'm not sure which actor drew First Blood, but Stallone put them both in their place with a couple of patented Balboa moves.

Sly is not my favorite action star of all time, but he's definitely in my top 10 12. My guess is that this movie will be well below Rocky or Rambo, but slightly above Rhinestone and Stop or My Mom Will Shoot.

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