Ratt could be headed for another reunion — this time, without drummer Bobby Blotzer in the lineup.

As previously reported, Blotzer debuted his own version of the group last year, triggering a legal tug of war between himself and former bandmate Warren DeMartini — whom Blotzer ended up accusing of "breach of fiduciary duty" in his efforts to keep the Ratt name going after the band's latest split. Now, singer Stephen Pearcy is hinting that the other members of the group could reunite without Blotzer.

The subject came up during Pearcy's recent visit to One on One With Mitch Lafon, which you can listen to below. Questioned about photos of himself, DeMartini and bassist Juan Croucier together at a birthday party for ex-RIP editor Lonn Friend, Pearcy responded, "Well, the bottom line is we still all talk — Juan, Warren and I. Warren and I actually got together and wrote a song a while back, which is phenomenal." You can listen below.

Saying he'd posted one of the photos because he "thought it was time to ... never say never," Pearcy hinted that the picture "spoke a thousand words" and added, "Who knows what will happen soon enough? We're just waiting for some dust to settle. I really can't say anything right now, but if the public has any positive message, it's being heard."

While cautioning that he's still waiting "for the dust to settle" — presumably with their battle against Blotzer — Pearcy strongly hinted that some sort of Ratt reunion effort is in the works.

"We're all friends — most of us," he laughed. "We still have integrity for what we created. We're not out there trying to bulls--- people, talking down on people; that's pretty adolescent. We're grownups. It's a business. It's not a 'me-me-me' situation — it takes time. Good things come to those who wait. We'll see what happens."

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