Big hats off to Stockman Bank. They announced yesterday (3/16) that they are offering assistance to their customers who are being negatively impacted by the coronavirus threat. In a statement on their website, bank CEO Bill Coffee says,

Over the past few weeks, we have all become part of an unprecedented world health crisis. As schools, universities and local businesses temporarily close, community and sporting events canceled and people stay home to self quarantine, care for loved ones or even themselves should they become ill, we recognize the stress and anxiety this causes for Montanans who still have bills to pay. As Montana’s community bank we are making accommodations to help reduce this stress and protect customers’ credit.

You can read the full details HERE. This is awesome and makes my heart happy. After hearing so much saddening news about how our local economy is going to be directly impacted by the coronavirus it's great so see a community leader like Stockman Bank stepping up. Let's hope the Wells Fargo's of the world do the same.

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