You are looking west on 1st Avenue North at North 27th.  This has become my new place to hang out during some down time at work.  This vantage point gives you a great view of the impatience and stupidity of drivers.  If you haven't noticed, we have new traffic lights going in, which during construction, narrows down the lanes, which in turn causes a traffic bottleneck.  When this particular light turns yellow it automatically switches on the "stupid button" in some peoples heads.  With the switch of that one brain button the driver decides to speed up to get through the yellow before it turns red. Now this driver finds themselves stuck in the middle of the intersection because of the construction back up AND drivers to the left and right can't go because of this persons "stupid button".  Thus begins the melodic music of car horns, hand gestures and words even I haven't heard of.  If you are at this intersection look up at the sky bridge, I might be waving at you!

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