Before I start, I want to offer a decently stern warning to you in reading this article...

This is 100% my opinion, something that I will rarely share unless someone asks for it (or you are one of my coworkers, sorry). If you don't like it, that's fine by me. But you might be guilty of this exact problem.


Today at lunch, I had to take care of a few quick errands downtown. Normally, I'd walk to do this, however with the weather we are experiencing... I opted to take my car and do them. I'm glad I did, but at the same time, I think I'll avoid doing errands during the weekdays now in the midst of winter.

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Billings Drivers... I know it JUST snowed.. but...

Remember what a blinker is? In the UK (and the rest of the world, it's called an "indicator". This magical device allows for the driver behind you, and in front of you, to know that you plan on turning a certain direction. Without this, we can certainly be confused at what you are doing.

For example, today going north on 27th St, I was headed to Albertsons. Just a few blocks north of the Townsquare Tower. In front of me, a white sedan. This car was driving extra careful in the snow, which is fine... but suddenly slammed on their brakes at the Albertsons turn in and turned. No blinker, nothing. Sure, mistakes happen...

... but this happens daily. And those reading this know it does. Everyday on my drive home, someone just slows down and turns. And you know who I find is the most likely culprit of this? You may think it's these darn Gen-Z'ers. Nope. Millennials? Nope. Every stinking time it is someone who should know better, someone who has been driving for YEARS... or simply put, someone well past the age of 30. And to be specific, it looks to me like someone who is well past 50.

Why the issue?

If it's summer, with dry roads and a clear sky... it doesn't bug me much. I can clearly see your intentions to do something else besides drive straight forward. However, in the winter, where not only are we trying to drive safe... I now have to worry about whether Edith is going to decide to turn into CVS for her medications at the last possible second and nearly slide into her.

Considering this is a feature on EVERY vehicle on the road, and you aren't driving a BMW (excuse those drivers... they are more focused on their coffee, cell phone, and investment accounts while driving)… you really have zero excuse.

Heck, I even use my blinker in stupid situations. Such as a parking lot, indicating I am turning into a parking spot. But over-usage is better than under-usage.

What are your thoughts?

Let me know your feelings on these drivers in the app. Or do you have a winter driver experience you wanna share? I'd love to vent with you.

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