My wife and I have talked about how back in the old days, instead of sweeping, her mom would let the kids pull each other on a blanket on the floor.  They had fun and it took care of their mom's work.  Well, I thought I would try that theory out this past weekend.  My daughter had her friend over for a sleep over.  I told her to put her friend in the blanket and drag her around the hard wood floor and in the kitchen.  Darn if it didn't work.  The girls giggled and had fun and my wife got a clean floor all at the same time.  What a great idea!  That got me to thinking about some of my chores and how I can turn it into fun for the kids.  Lawn mowing? No, to dangerous.  Chaining the oil in the vehicles, uh, no.  How about changing out the furnace filter?  Nope.  Hanging Christmas lights on the gutter?  Probably not.  Trimming tree branches?  Guess I'm stuck.  While I'm out doing my chores, I can listen for giggles coming from inside the house.

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