People who love their PDA are probably used to hearing this: Get a room!

If any couple needed a private room, it's the couple who continued to suck face during an armed robbery at the Tap Inn in Billings this week. Have you seen video? This is some serious tonsil hockey.

So, Townsquaremedia Billings is offering the couple a one-night's stay at a local hotel and dinner at The Rex if they come forward and let me know they are. Reach out to me at

Do you have this kind of game? Are you single? We should go out. Then again, if you can distract me from an armed robber it might be more than I'm ready to handle.

When is PDA, or publicdisplay of affection, more important than getting shot?

We are all thankful no one was hurt in the robbery.

But how did the couple making out in the video not see the armed robber with a gun?

I've been in love before, I'm sure.  But this sort of necking, where you don't notice a three-person robbery taking place. This couple has left me confused, a little baffled and concerned.

Let's get them a night out.  Lord knows they need it.