Well, you know this gal. She is a good friend of mine and knows how to eat a dog.

This is my buddy, Dee. You know her as Dylan who follows me right here on the Hawk.

She was recently at Alice Cooper's Restaurant, Cooperstown, in Phoenix with her niece. When you get to Alice's place now you get face paint to do yourself up. Dee was being a good Aunt. She painted up with her niece (not bad I'm thinkin') before they got their giant all-meat weiner!

Dylan Ayer, Townsquaremedia
Dylan Ayer, Townsquaremedia
Dylan Ayer, Townsquaremedia.com

When I was a kid, my Great Aunt Mary was cool, too. She was sneakin' whiskey at Xmas time!!! Ha-ha.

Ain't Life Grand!