Dio Albums
Ronnie James Dio’s discography is so extensive that you almost forget he recorded 10 albums with his own self-named band.
Lung Cancer Killed Jimmy Bain
Former Rainbow and Dio bassist Jimmy Bain, who passed away Jan. 23 while on tour with Last in Line as part of Def Leppard's Hysteria on the High Seas Cruise, was suffering from undiagnosed lung cancer.
Jimmy Bain Dies
Many members of the metal and rock community have expressed their grief at the loss of ex-Dio and Rainbow bassist Jimmy Bain.
Sam’s Favorites : DIO
Hey everybody!!! It is time for me to share one of my favorites with you. Every day I cruise the internet looking for whatever tune floats my boat at the moment! Today my favorite is Dio. I would love to hear your suggestions, and who knows maybe I will post one of your favorites right here on The Hawk's website...

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