Fort Peck

AUDIO: 50 Years of the Fort Peck Summer Theatre
The Fort Peck Summer Theatre is one of those Montana "bucket-list" items. If you haven't made the trip to Northeastern Montana- you are missing out. This summer the theatre celebrates their 50th Anniversary, but, in reality, their history goes back much further- to the 1930's and the days building the Fort Peck Dam...
Zinke at Fort Peck
Q2 reports that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke met with ranchers and farmers affected by the devastating Lodge Pole Complex Fires earlier this year. It was his first stop on a 10-day tour, beginning at the Fort Peck Interpretive Center on Sunday...
Montana's Five Tiniest Towns
There's lots of benefits to being from a small town. You know everyone, everyone knows you. People seem to be a little more trusting. Just my opinion, onlyinyourstate had 10 super tiny towns in Montana.