The Fort Peck Summer Theatre is one of those Montana "bucket-list" items. If you haven't made the trip to Northeastern Montana- you are missing out.

This summer the theatre celebrates their 50th Anniversary, but, in reality, their history goes back much further- to the 1930's and the days building the Fort Peck Dam.

The building, constructed to be a movie house, first opened in 1934 to entertain the workers during the construction of Fort Peck Dam.  During the "Dam Days" movies ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It stands as a historic tribute to that era.  However, the theatre continues to remain a vital part of our community for culture and education to our residents and visitors, for today, and hopefully into the future.

Christen Etchart and her family have performed in and supported the theatre for years. She joined us recently on our statewide radio talk show, Montana Talks with Aaron Flint, to give us a preview of the 50th Anniversary festivities. Click below to listen:

ICYMI: Here's an episode of "Under the Big Sky" that focused on the Fort Peck Summer Theatre:

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