New Years Eve

New Year's Eve in Billings!
Get one more thing off your to-do list! Make your New Year's Eve one to remember with an AMAZING party! Ring in another year with the newly remodeled Radisson Hotel & The Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers. Spend the last night of the old year dancing and breaking out the bubbles!  Full ...
10 Ways to Party in Billings
How do you like to spend you New Year's Eve? Dueling pianos, MMA fights, live music, family-friendly parties? Billings has something for everyone. There's some great dinner specials as well if you just want to head out for a bite to eat before all the debauchery and drinking begins...
The Top 103 Drinking Songs Of All-Time Countdown Is Underway
We don't discriminate... Rock, Classic Rock or Country... we've started playing the Top 103 drinking songs ever written. From Led Zeppelin's "Dazed And Confused" to the Irish Rovers "Wasn't That A Party" to George Jones "White Lightnin'" we're playing them all and we'll kick off the New Year with the greatest drinking song of all-time which is...
See Crazy Photos From Coney Island’s New Year’s Polar Bear Swim
The Coney Island Polar Bear Club's annual New Year's swim looks like a great time. People in costumes, swimming, having fun. We probably should've gone, but there was that whole hangover thing to deal with. Which makes us wonder, does jumping into the freezing Atlantic ocean cure a hangover? If so, we're totally there next year.
10 Other Objects We Drop on New Year’s
Everyone knows about the ball that drops in New York City's Times Square to mark the start of a new calendar year. What you may not realize, though, is that other cities around the nation have similar traditions that entertain and enthrall their local communities. Here's a look at some of the odder traditions that will be taking place in America tonight:
12 Cats Starting New Year’s Eve Partying Early
The hourly countdown to 2013 has officially begun, which means New Year's Eve preparations are in full swing. We're practicing our photobombing techniques, cranking up the tunes and bejeweling jean shorts, among other things. December 31st is the party of all parties, after all!
Doctors Warn Champagne Bottles Can Cause Eye Injuries
New Year's Eve is all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. That's the takeaway from the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual year end warning on champagne bottles. According to the doctors, 'When a champagne cork flies, you really have no time to react and protect your delicate eyes." GAH! Shield yourself with the nearest anything!!!

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