Taco Bell

Would You Punch a Chick In The Face For a Waffle Taco?
A Guy Attacked a Woman Because She Took Too Long Ordering at Taco Bell and made him miss the breakfast menu! There's nothing worse than JUST missing the cutoff for breakfast at a fast food place.  But THIS is INSANE. On Sunday, a couple driving an SUV went to a Taco Bell drive-thru in Tucson RIGHT before breakfast ended...
Taco Bell Unleashes a Breakfast Menu and The Two Hawk Fat Guys Give It a Review
Today, March 27th Taco Bell embarked on a bold new strategy. They introduced a brand new breakfast menu to their fast food stores. Taco Bell's new breakfast menu inspired myself and Rick Roddam to ask the question, "Do these new breakfast items live up to the standards of a couple fat dudes who love food?" Check out our newest video for the answer, and welcome to our newest web series &q
JP Gets Creative With His Taco Bell Order
It turns out that there is an entire unspoken world of secret menu items in the fast food world. I decided it was my duty to go and explore these possibilities  starting with my favorite fast food haunt - Taco Bell. These "secret" menu items have apparently been a fad for a very long time, and have poked up in various articles all over the Internet...