On our NewsTalk Station's Facebook page, after writing about the two new businesses coming to Grand and 16th soon, commenter John Gies asked us what is coming to Rehberg Lane & Grand Avenue to replace the old Car Wash. We were happy to find out, and unfortunately, it isn't anything special.

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From Cars To Tacos

The Car Wash on Rehberg and Grand has seen many changes over the years, sitting right next to Bernina Sewing Center, however, it seems they may have decided to move on from washing cars.

According to Victoria Hill, Public Information Officer for the City of Billings, the former Car Wash is now home to a future... Taco Bell.

That's right! You can finally get your fix of cheap "Mexican" food. Not that you couldn't already get your fix of cheap "Mexican" food, just a few minutes' drive away.

How Many Tacos Are Too Many?

Checking on Google Maps, you can find the nearest Taco Bell locations on Central & 24th, or Grand and 10th. Right now, Billings has 5 Taco Bell locations... so why not one more? At least it isn't ANOTHER casino or liquor store.

At least they brought back the Mexican Pizza recently, and their loved Volcano Menu items are also making a return this summer.

I hope this is what you expected, John. Though, I'd recommend just trying out one of the many Mexican food restaurants we have... that isn't a drive-thru taco spot.

What are your thoughts? Do you live in the area of Rehberg Lane & Grand, and does this make you excited? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.


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