Fast Food

AG Extends Invitation
But Fox is also mindful of ruffling a few feathers in the cattle industry. He was careful to write that, “Just to be clear, in Montana, beef is king.”
Lunch During School Hours
Note to self....DO NOT go down Grand Avenue at 11:40 am during lunch hour for high school students!  I pulled into a local drive through at that time only to be stuck behind the raging hormones and cell phones.  The car directly in front of me had three young ladies waiting for their food.…
Napkin Fire
Happy 4th of July!  I like to call it Independence day.  Laurel had their huge parade at 11am this morning.  I don't know the numbers this year but it was huge.  Then you have fireworks tonight at dusk from Laurel and Billings Heights...
Fast Food Companies Are Messing With Your Mind!
That bastard Ronald McDonald! Every time you eat fast food, you're being TRICKED into buying more than you should.  WHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT? No wonder Colonel Sanders is dressed like a pimp. This is some serious science and a lot of thought goes into it...

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