Before diving in, I want to say that a Fast Food worker's job is one that is filled with stress, usually underpaid, and not very well respected. I appreciate them far more than most, because I've been there, and will never work at Fast Food again (if I can help it). However, I think this situation is never acceptable.

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Today, after realizing our remote for a local furniture store was canceled due to the EXTREME amounts of rain we have been receiving... I decided to swing into KFC on Central for some lunch, before making my way back home to enjoy the weekend.

As a Miles City kid, I always have had a special place in my heart for KFC. Those 11 herbs and spices really do hit the spot when done right, after all. And we lost our first KFC when I was a kid... and the second one didn't last long... so we were left waiting for the Colonel's chicken until we visited Billings. (Or, Sidney, WAYYYY back in the day)

So, after parking the car, I walked into the empty restaurant around 1:20 PM today to get my chicken fix.

Hope your Snapscore is doing well.

Walking in, with absolutely nobody in the restaurant or drive-thru, I immediately noticed nobody was upfront. Now, being the pretty patient guy that I am (most days), I stood there and decided to start looking at the menu, just in case I wanted to try something new.

After a few minutes, I leaned over and realized 4 of the 5 workers were huddled together in the kitchen, all on their phones looking at... who knows what.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

The 5th worker did appear, actually working, with a tray of chicken to slide into the warmer up front, before ignoring me and walking to the Drive-Thru terminal to take someone's order. I say ignoring, because rather than say "One moment, be right with you" or something of that nature... he just looked at me and went to the terminal.

Cluckin' Crazy, Off To The Clown

At this point, I said screw it, and walked out. If they were busy, I'd happily stand there and wait my turn. But when nobody is there, and they are just standing around too oblivious to notice someone had walked into the store... sounds to me like a management issue.

Did I consider speaking up? Well, certainly. But I would hate to disturb their important business on their phones. Did I consider calling KFC to complain? Sure. Instead, I simply filled out their little form online, and we'll see if anyone gets back to me. I doubt it.

Either way, I pulled over to McDonald's just down the road... and got my lunch. Big props to the manager on duty, letting me know my order was being made fresh... and that was the cause of the 3-minute delay. Now that is how things are done.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced this sort of issue with Fast Food in Billings? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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