Exciting news for wing lovers. According to this press release, KFC is now offering chicken wings as a permanent option on their menu... and they are offering to deliver them right to your front door for free through November 24th when you order on kfc.com, grubhub.com or seamless.com. Shut the front door. After the deliver person drops off your wings, of course.

Wings are awesome. "Dry" or "wet", scorching hot, or sweet and sassy, everybody loves chicken wings. I have not tried KFC's newest wing offering yet, but they seem priced competitively. 6 for $5, 12 for $9.99, 24 for $18.99 or 48 for $36.99 (delivery only). They come in Nashville Hot, Buffalo or Honey BBQ flavors and all three appear to be the breaded style of wings.

Will KFC's wings be the best wings in Billings? I have my doubts. They'll have to beat the Grandstand first. But with free delivery, I'm sure I'll give the Colonel's wings a shot.

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