Dylan Ayer, TSM


These are my grandparents.  Grandpa is 82 and grandma is well, not as old and grandpa but we wouldn't officially disclose her age here.  They both look so good for their age.  Do you think a life of good honest hard work lets you age well?

My grandfather taught me how to work.  And that's not a small thing being from Nebraska, people there work.  In fact, I've said it as a joke, it's a sin to be lazy if your from N.E.  My grandfather raised pigs, corn and soy beans.  So as a child we hauled irrigation pipe, walked beans, even helped take the hogs to market a time or two.

He would have busted us good if we weren't doing are fair share.  I can't tell you how many times that has saved my radio career.  The fact that I'm not lazy, will do the work, show up on time.  Because believe me, I've gotten jobs based on my work ethic.  Not because I was more talented but because they knew I would show up and do the job.

The difference between a Montana farmer and a Nebraska farmer, not a thing except, the crops and livestock they raise.  Currently doing radio with another farmer, he works his butt off.  Glad to come from and still be around farming people.



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