When you find a treat that everyone in the family likes and it's healthy, you run with it.  This is one of those snacks, and it's so versatile you can change it up to make it as unhealthy as you want.  

This is homemade fro-yo to the max because you can add just the right amount of nuts, chocolate, or gooeyness to make it your own, and even the pickiest family members will be happy.

I started making frozen yogurt bark a few years ago after the girls went through a healthy snack program at school and Piper (the youngest) started making stashes of it for the freezer.  If she could do it, I could do it, and I became determined to try it in as many different ways as possible.

The bark in the picture is vanilla yogurt, pumpkin, and walnuts, drizzled with honey.

Jen's Yogurt Bark:

1 32-ounce container of vanilla yogurt

1 16-ounce can of pumpkin

As many walnuts as you want

As much honey or agave as you want

Mix the yogurt and pumpkin together and spread it into a cookie pan.  Sprinkle on the walnuts and honey and stick it in the freezer.  When it's frozen solid, break it up into imperfect shapes and stick them all in a Ziploc bag and store that in the freezer.  The thinner the initial spread into the pan, the easier it will be to break up.

The Eating Well newsletter that I subscribe to has other ideas too.

Mix-ins:  Peanut butter, nut butter, jams or jellies

Sprinkles: fruit, granola, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, cereal, shredded coconut or coconut chips, cookie crumbs

Toppers:  Maple syrup, agave, honey

Let the kids go nuts with a creation of their own, and make a separate batch just for yourself.  Pile yours high with nuts and coconut, and if that makes everyone turn up their noses, you'll have a private stash all to yourself.

On a hot day this summer, this will be a treat that's better than popsicles.  Yum.

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