Every day I learn something new from Sam.  And today it was something that made my dad proud and worry less about his daughter.

You see my father is a mason.  He owned his own masonry company in Nebraska where I grew up.  So, when I was bad as a teen, which was often, I would have to go to work with him and throw blocks. His punishment for me. He used to tell me if you don't stay out of trouble and get your crap together you'll have to work as hard as me someday.  But truth is, couldn't have been more proud of my father. He taught me the value of hard work.

So, today I got to tell him that I currently work in the tallest load-bearing brick structure in the world according to the Brick Institute of America.  The Hawk, located in the Crowne Plaza, is unusual among high-rises in that it is built almost entirely of bricks in an applied masonry facade.  The structure contains 2,372,982 red clay bricks that were formed in a 1869 kiln.