Ever since moving to Billings back in 2019, one of my yearly favorite things to do is to cruise around town on a weekend, and search out the BEST holiday lights in town! Though, seeing as Billings is pretty spread out... you can imagine that can take a while.

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Not to mention, driving around town searching for these light displays can be an expensive task, with the price of gas these days...

The 2023 Billings Christmas Light Map!

Thanks to a collaboration of three locals, Jerimiah, Rhianna & Ang, we no longer need to drive aimlessly around the Magic City searching for the best light displays! Instead, you can simply click on the button below to access the map for 2023!

Alternatively, if you like to kick it old skool, you can click the following button for a printable Google sheet with all the locations.

On the interactive map this year, they have color-coded it to make it a bit easier to find exactly what you are looking for!

  • Animated Light Shows With Music - Blue Music Note
  • Walkthrough Light Displays - Yellow Walking Icon
  • Themed Streets And Lanes - Green Car Icon
  • Static Light Shows - Red Tree Icon

Remember, Respect The Shows

The team behind this project is reminding everyone to respect the light displays. Remember to not block any driveways, keep the music to your car only (meaning don't blast it with the windows down!), and turn off your headlights if you are parked and watching a show.

What are your thoughts?

Do you also love the holiday light displays? What is your favorite? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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Gallery Credit: Great Falls Montana Tourism

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