There is a lot of pressure when it comes to making the perfect turkey. You don't want it to be dry. You don't want to run out (estimate 1 pound per person). You don't want to burn it. There are countless recipes and tips online for cooking the perfect turkey, but the most important thing of all is: do not serve it under-cooked. I love a medium rare steak, but when it comes to poultry, I don't do rare. And you shouldn't either.

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Getting your entire family sick with semi-raw turkey would be horrible. That's why it's crucial to cook your bird until the internal temperature is 165. Not the wingtips, not the outer breast... the thickest part needs to be cooked to 165. Grilled, roasted, smoked, fried, it doesn't matter how you plan on cooking it, just make sure it's to temperature before serving.

I picked up this handy little digital thermometer at World Market today while I was grabbing a pouch of turkey brine mix. This thermometer is pretty slick, because you can stick the probe into the turkey and then run the cord to the outside of your stove. The display part has magnets on the back so it will stick right to your oven. This is great. I can keep an eye on the temperature, without having to open the oven every time.

I'm sure it'll come in handy when grilling thick meats on the BBQ too.

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