A few days back, I stumbled on one interesting post on the Billings Reckless Drivers page. No, it wasn't because someone was driving like a jack. Instead, this time, it was due to a Reckless Runner (also known as a mobile Thanksgiving dinner) taking on the locals of Billings... and the CARS.




Years ago, when my dear mother met her current husband, we moved into his home with his kids. One traumatic memory for me of that move wasn't the move itself... my stepdad had GEESE just... everywhere... around the house.

Yes, they were just as psychotic as you can imagine. Attacking cars, animals, people, and each other. I swear, Geese are the animal kingdom's version of a roided-up beach gym rat you'd see in California. ALWAYS ready to throw hands.

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So, seeing this made me laugh out loud... as I know all too well about birds with attitude.

Credit: Lisa Hale, Facebook (Permission Granted)
Credit: Lisa Hale, Facebook (Permission Granted)

Turns out, this turkey is the little terrorist running around Rimrock. And, somehow, the thing hasn't been turned into ground turkey by a grill guard.

What Is Billings Saying?

Of course, the community (on Facebook) at large chimed in, and these are the BEST comments in my opinion.

Kendall H Said:

Good for them. I'd like to attack a lot of drivers, too.

Dalton J Said:

He has a name. Jake The Turkey, Terror of the Rims



Shelby E Said:

He's always there.

Marissa G Said:

Sounds like he may be dinner if he messes with the wrong car today

And, Hanna A Said:

PSA- Don't honk at him. He takes it as a challenge.

Yeah, I bet that little feathered free meal DOES take that as a challenge.

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What are your thoughts?

Have you taken on this terrorist turkey? What are your favorite methods for cooking your turkey? Let us know... for no particular reason... on App Chat or on Facebook.

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