What do you set the dinner table with for Thanksgiving?  The tradition is turkey, ham or steak.  Throw in some yams, pie, rolls and cider and call it good.  I've often wondered how we come up with traditions.  What if you started a new tradition that would become a "tradition" in your family.

My wife is gone this week at a family reunion. Three of my kids and the extended family are coming over on Thanksgiving. I'm wondering, do I make the turkey, ham, steak thing, which I can, or do I start a new tradition without my wife in town? It is something to think about.

On Thursday I could serve up Rice-A-Roni with wheat bread.  How about Mac-and-Cheese or maybe "pigs in a blanket." I can hear the grandkids saying "remember when we started the tradition of eating SPAM at grandpa's house?"  I'm sure I will be going to buy a turkey this afternoon and making homemade apple pie. The idea of starting a new family tradition is a fun thought for me.  Maybe not for my kids, so I will stick to tradition.  Turkey, pie and rolls it is.

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