Recently me and the Wifey went to our favorite place to hang out in Vegas which is the Plaza on Freemont Street. I must say our casino host is the best I have ever had. Ashley McKinze is top shelf. You don't see most hosts come out and walk around the casino and talk to people but Ashley isn't like most casino hosts. She is simply the best! This stay we had a pool suite that was fantastic. I mean the sights, service and everything could not be beat. The Plaza Pool has Plaza Pool Nights every Saturday, dance and swim under the stars every Saturday night all summer long. Believe me when I say it's not hard to watch all of the swimsuits go by! I have a picture here from our suite and one of the folks enjoying the pool in the daytime. Sory was to busy to get any night shots but you can imagine what I'm talkin about. I will have some pictures of our suite coming soon. Thank you Ashley and the Plaza!!!

sam talkington, tsm