Tumblr is a host to millions of blogs, a fact that apparently motivated Yahoo's recent acquisition of the company. But of all those millions of blogs, only a handful of them are actually worth taking time to browse through. So it's always a breath of fresh air when I come across a new and entertaining blog. Today that blog is 'The Worst Room'.

The Worst Room blog curates a collection of some of the most God awful 'rooms' for rent that I have ever seen. Seriously, I can't imagine people living in these places let alone feeling justified in asking people to pay money for the privilege of living there.

Check out my Top 5 "Rooms" For Rent.



I don't know what is worse, the fact that this place is even considered a "livable habitat" or that someone is asking $750.00 per month with a straight face.

The "Living Room" Room


Want that "I still live at home with Mom and Dad" feeling with the added bonus of financial responsibility? This is the place for you! That L shaped sofa has your name just written ALL over it. And it can be ALL yours for the convenient price of $700.00 per month!

The "When in doubt, just camp out" Apartment


I applaud them for making the best they can out of what appears to be a really shitty situation. Especially when the space is described as a "shared basement". That $400 a month sure as hell better include the tent!

The "Almost a Studio" Studio Apartment


“Room has no windows but utilities included”

All utilities included?! Well for the $800 you're asking I'm practically stealing this place from you! Later Billings! I'm off to go live in The Big Apple!

The "This Isn't Going to End Well"...Room?


As the writer of 'The Worst Rooms' puts it, "do you even need to see the rooms?" Exactly, I don't  I want to see the stuff of my nightmares and Japanese horror movies coalesce themselves into reality.

What's the worst apartment that you have ever seen? Tell us about it in the comments!