When buying a house in places like Phoenix or Las Vegas, tons of houses come with swimming pools. It makes sense, as they can be used nearly year-round and are often considered a necessity for their scorching summer temperatures.

In Billings, finding a home with an outdoor pool can be more of a challenge, and finding a home for sale with an indoor pool is currently a bit of a rarity. In a search on Realtor.com, I found about a dozen homes in and around Billings with outdoor pools that are currently on the market (11/4/21).  I only found ONE with an indoor pool, and it's located near Huntley. Let's check it out.

Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

A short commute to Billings.

Situated on the eastern edge of Yellowstone County, the home sits on just over 50 acres of rolling prairie. It's only 15 miles from Billings, but you'll probably feel like you're hours away as you pull through the log gates of the long, paved driveway. Ah, peace and quiet at last.

Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

Have a hobby farm, horses, or lease the farmland portion of the property.

50 acres is hardly enough to operate a commercial farm or ranch, but whoever buys the property could certainly have a sweet hobby farm and/or horse property. Or, seed native grasses and wildflowers and have your own private sanctuary. It's up to you.

Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

Logs: Love them? Hate them?

Some people are really into log homes. Other, not so much. The building technique is centuries old, and to many homebuyers, it represents the ideal "Montana" style house. This listing features over 6,600 square feet of living space. If you love log homes, it's beautiful.

Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

Check out the master suite.

Sometimes loft suites can feel a little cramped. It doesn't look like that is an issue with the soaring peaks of this master bedroom. It's huge. Check out the clawfoot tub too (below).

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Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

Open concept is where it's at.

The master suite reminds me of a luxury lodge vacation property. If you and your partner aren't comfortable with certain bathroom stuff, this layout might not be ideal. I'm sure a buyer could wall it off if they really needed their tub-time privacy. I personally love it.

Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

There's no such thing as too much garage space.

Let's be honest... you can never have enough garage. A couple of cars, a side-by-side, kayaks, a four-wheeler or two, and suddenly there is no room for your Halloween and Christmas decorations. This home's got a nice-sized, attached garage. But if that get's full...

Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

Two massive outbuildings offer additional space.

There is a huge shop and an even bigger machine shed on the property. Think of the possibilities! You can use it for its obvious purpose, but I'm thinking how about an indoor hockey rink? Go-cart track? Licensed medicinal cannabis operation? NOTE: Check any covenants and restrictions first if you're considering a weed shed.

Photo from Realtor.com, brokered by Corder and Associates, LLC

Let's get to the pool!

Okay, it's not as big as I was hoping, but it's still pretty awesome. It's one of those active pools that generate water flow using pumps. You can do the breaststroke for as long as you'd like while staying in one spot. Kind of like trying to swim upstream in the Yellowstone River. You've probably seen the ads for similar pools on TV.

I think what's really cool about this pool is the pool room. Imagine enjoying this spot when it's -20 and the snow is howling outside this winter. Sitting in a pool chair, enjoying a tropical beverage while the windchill drops. Yes. Please.

The property is currently listed at $2,500,000 and is presented by Pamela Amundsen, brokered by Corder and Associations, LLC. You can check it out HERE.

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