There is a commercial campaign that has been hitting my TV lately that absolutely ticks me off when I see them, even though I love their product.

Maybe you've seen one or more of them.

They are for Halos Oranges. I think they are sending a very bad message to our kids.

Take a look for yourself and see if you notice anything wrong with this particular commercial.

Showing kids throwing a tantrum over any product actual motivates me to not buy the product no matter how much I may like the goods.

Allowing kids to see these commercials only teach them bad behavior, in my opinion, a behavior I will not tolerate with my own children whom I love very much.

Our world has a big problem with kids that have behavior problems. We as parents need to take control of what is happening and raise our kids to have respect.

Far too often I am in a store witnessing a kid throwing a fit because they want this or that. All to often I see them get their way just because the parent or parents don't want to deal with their child causing a scene.

These commercials do not help the situation at all.