How does that look? I dream about these things. You're looking at a mushroom cap topped with sausage, pizza sauce, and cheese.  They come from a deli in Chicago and my father sends me them every year because he knows how much I love them.

This year it's time to send my father a taste of Montana.  Here's a list of my Top 5 places to send him goodies from.

1.  Flat Head Lake Cheese - Out of Polson and they will gift wrap for you.

2.  Lifeline Farm - Beef, pork, and sausage all organic, no growth hormones, no routine antibiotics and no animal byproducts in their feed.

3.  Uberbrew - right in downtown Billings. They have amazing beer.

4.  The Montana Distillery - Flat Head Vodka. They carry all different kinds of vodka and all organic, gluten free, no preservatives either.

5. Log Cabin Bakery - Tried a pecan pie bar when I was there last Thursday and it tasted like pecan pie. They also do fudge, cakes, anything sweet you need for the holidays.  They have it.

Did a miss your favorite Montana produced provision?  Post below and educate me.