If you are a parent of a child who just got their driver's license, please see to it that they NEVER text and drive! With that said, there are other mistakes new drivers make and a new survey revealed what are most common behind the wheel...

1. People who don't check their blind spots are some of the biggest offenders. This includes when you change lanes, merge and back up your vehicle. Basically if they are driving their vehicle make sure to remind them that they need to always look in the mirror when making moves into other lanes, and so on.

2. Numerous people get into the habit of NOT using their turn signals. This is likely because many seasoned drivers don't do it themselves. If you are training a young driver how to drive responsibly, make sure you do it yourself so you can lead by example.

3. And finally, some are just not aware on how to do even the littlest things BESIDES driving. Stuff like checking the air pressure, using high beams vs. low beams, or at least not knowing where the switches are and how to use them without taking their eye off the road.

Finally, just make sure they don't change to another radio station. Well, because...you know.

(PR Newswire)