This month, Cat Country listeners have made donations to the organization Townsquare Cares for Military Families and now we are looking to put this money to good use right here in our area.

Some people have been wondering if it is OK to nominate themselves, or if they have to be recommended by another person. It is absolutely OK and ethical to nominate your own military family to receive some of this support money. No one understands your situation better than you, and not everyone has an advocate to speak up for them.

If you are a member of a family who has an actively deployed soldier, you are welcome and encouraged to fill out the form at the link below. As described in the article preceding the form, several local families will be receiving $500. To a family struggling to make ends meet, this can certainly be a big help.

For those families who do receive this gift, please accept this money with pride. Townsquare Cares For Military Families, and each person who made a donation know that we owe your actively deployed family member a debt that we can never truly compensate you for. This is not a hand out; it is a small token of our appreciation and each year we will try to grow the number of families our organization and our community can help support.

Here is the link to the form on the Cat Country website. We have limited time, so if you plan to nominate a family, yours or another's, please do so now.

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