Are you as excited about Baconfest as I am.  Man, I love to eat and the chefs that are lined up to be there are bringing some pretty impressive dishes.

If I could have my own private music playing while I chowed at Baconfest this is what I would pick. What would you pick?

  • 1

    Led Zeppelin - Hot Dog

    You had to know this would be my first pick.

  • 2

    Warrent - Cherry Pie

    Pie in bacon?  Might be good?  Bacon sure improves a donut.

  • 3

    Ted Nugent - Venom Soup

    I know for a fact that one of the food trucks at Baconfest will be serving bacon soup.  Just know this will be playing in my head while I eat that.

  • 4

    Scorpions - Another Piece Of Meat

    Approaching the end of Baconfest we will just have to push ourselves to enjoy one more piece of meat.

  • 5

    Deep Purple - One Man's Meat

    It's important not to touch anyone else's bacon at Baconfest.