I don't think we can say thank you enough to alll the servicemen and servicewomen and their families for their service and sacrifice. As a tribute, I've selected my top five songs to honor all of you. Did I miss anything?  What would your Top 5 be?

  • 1

    Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner

    The Star Spangled Banner was not played on its own at Woodstock.   It was part of a medley lasting over half an hour, one of the longest such medleys. The medley also included hits like Voodoo Child (slight return) and Purple Haze, and an unaccompanied improvisation lasting nearly five minutes. Hendrix performed the national anthem as a solo in the midst of this medley.


  • 2

    Sammy Hagar - Remember The Heros

    Track No. 3 from Three Lock Box.  We should play this more on the air.

  • 3

    Pink Floyd - Corporal Clegg

    The song is about a shell-shocked soldier who lost his leg in World War II.

  • 4

    Bob Dylan - Masters Of War

    With many of his early songs, Dylan adapted or "borrowed" melodies from traditional songs. In the case of "Nottamun Town", however, the arrangement was by Jean Ritchie. Unknown to Dylan, the song had been in Ritchie's family for generations.

  • 5

    Steve Miller Band - Living In The U.S.A.

    Linda Ronstadt has a song with the same name.  This one's much better