Hey, our friends at United Blood Services need your help!  Due to the storms last week in MT and WY, plus multiple recent accidents,  they are extremely low on O-negative blood.

The major demand right now is for O-negative blood, although any and all blood donations are welcome.  If you would like to donate you can go to United Blood Services at 1444 Grand Avenue(Billings) Mon-Wed from 10am-6pm.  Thursdays from 10am-4pm.  Friday from 7am-11am.  Saturday from 7am-3pm and Sunday from 10am-2pm.  You can call to make an appointment too.  Call UBS at 406-248-9168.

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United Blood Services

I know from personal experience how important donating blood can be.  My ,now 4 month old, great nephew would not be alive if it wasn't for people that donated blood.  He needed over 200cc's transfused to survive.  I thank God everyday for those people that donated, just for him.  They didn't know it then, but they saved his life.  You too, can save a child, adolescent or adult life.  You could even save your own.  You just never know.

Please donate blood today!  If you need more information comment below and we'll get you connected!

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