Every once in a while I get a craving for Taco Treat. Today was one of those days. On my way back to the office I swung around the back side of Evergreen Plaza to take a peek on the progress of the new Evergreen Ace Hardware. I wrote about it back in October (original story below). Today (3/3) there were a few cars and trucks parked in the parking lot, some workers walking around the property and garden supplies were piled out front.

Credit: Michael Foth TSM

I spotted this awesome sign on the front door, indicating they are opening Monday, March 16th. Nice!

Credit: Michael Foth TSM

Perfect timing as Billings approaches the spring gardening and home improvement season. A February Gazette article mentioned they were hoping to open in March and it looks like Evergreen Ace is right on track. I swear I saw some job hiring posts on their Facebook page, but now I can't seem to find them. The smaller, white note said to call if you need in. I didn't want to bother what looked like some training going on inside so I did not call.

This will be a great location for an Ace Hardware and a nice addition to the neighborhood.


Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

I love my neighborhood Ace Hardware store. Sure, I can usually find items online for a little bit cheaper, but if I'm at the hardware store I'm likely there because I need it NOW. The customer service at Ace is always fantastic and if they don't have what I need (rare), they always offer great advice on whatever I'm looking for.

When I saw KTVQ's story about a new Ace Hardware store coming to Billings, I was excited to hear the news. Ace Hardware will be coming to the former Evergreen IGA location on Grand Avenue. What a perfect spot for a full-service hardware store.

I reached out to King's Ace Hardware to see if I could get some answers regarding an estimated opening date and hiring opportunities. Unfortunately, the man with the answers was helping a customer when I called and I got his voice mail. I'll update you with details when I find out.