I'm bad at planning ahead.  I want to make it clear that it is not my employers job to remind me that I have vacation time.  We have this fancy website where we go and see our benefits, vacation time, check stubs and personal information.  I don't go there often because I know how much I make every two weeks. (conversation for another blog).  I didn't realize that I have 111 hours of vacation time.  That's right, I just went to the calculator and it comes out to 13.875 work days.  I have to use it or lose it.  To my defense, I really don't think about vacation days because for almost 40 years, I've been doing what I love, for a living.  It's not a struggle for me to get up and go to work everyday. On the other hand...my wife suggested that maybe we should actually plan ahead next year.  Take a trip to Ireland, Hawaii, spend a week alone in the middle of nowhere.  So, for this year I'll be staying at home for a week and lose the rest of the vacation days.  Maybe I'll google places we can go next year from the comfort of my La-Z-Boy.  I might take off a couple of Mondays off and see if my Daughter/Teacher wants me to come read to her class.  I can read books to the kids about how to plan ahead.

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