Coming up this weekend in Joliet, Veterans are being celebrated with the 6th Annual Veterans Pancake Breakfast! Though, this breakfast is even more than simply feeding veterans.

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Free Breakfast and More

This event (kindly sponsored by the Shane Ridge Rustlers 4-H Club, MT Veteran's Meat Locker, and Infinite Patriot) is designed to celebrate veterans in the area, and provide them with a 100% free meal (of Orange Juice, Coffee, Pancakes, Eggs, Hashbrowns, & Sausage) AND, thanks to MT Veterans Meat Locker, provide FREE meat to veterans who are in need!

When and Where

The 6th Annual Veteran's Pancake Breakfast & Free Meat Giveaway is coming up this weekend, May 6th, from 8 AM to 11 AM at the Joliet Community Center.

Everyone is welcome to come for a great breakfast, however, it is only free for Veterans. There was no price listed online for those who are not veterans, though I'm sure it wouldn't be too expensive.

What is "MT Veteran's Meat Locker"?

If you haven't heard of this group, I strongly encourage you to learn more about them. I first heard about them while working at another company here in Billings for radio, and this organization aims to keep military veterans and their families fed with meat, which is provided by volunteers/ranchers, etc.

The Meat Locker hosts many different events around the area year-round, and you can keep up with them at the button below.

What are your thoughts? Did you know about the MT Veterans Meat Locker? Is anyone in your family a veteran? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook!

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