All this month I am talking, and writing, about nothing but 'scary' movies. Because that's the only thing that is on my television for the month of October.

So expect all of my Netflix picks this month to be have a very 'scary' theme to them. To kick it all off I have my first recommendation of the month, 'V/H/S'. Click below to see why I recommend it and to check out the official trailer for the movie.

First of all I have to say this, I think most 'found footage' movies are complete shit. 90% of the time the people making the movie are simply using the genre as a crutch to make the movie on the smallest budget possible. So we are forced to sift through a mountain of movies made with hand cameras and bad actors.

It's very rare that I find myself enjoying a 'found footage' style horror movie. Luckily 'V/H/S/' was able to keep my interest through the length of the movie. But of course the movie was not with out some hefty faults of its own.

The movie is a series of short films with a wrap around story to attempt to keep everything semi-connected to each other. The wrap around story is the part I probably hated the most, a group of young guys who enjoy filming themselves doing stupid stuff are hired to break into a house and steal some movies.

Each segment was given to a different director, so each part of the movie has its own style and feel to each story. I enjoyed this as it allowed each segment to stand out on its own with out getting dragged down or muddled up with the other ones.

The stories that make up the bulk of the movie are kind of hit and miss. The first one is quite graphic, but takes a while to ramp up, and it's shot in the first person perspective so things can get a little jumpy and blurry at times, the second short 'Second Honeymoon' isn't much better. After the second story though is where the movie really starts to get good.

The last three stories, 'Tuesday the 17th', 'The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger, and '10/31/98' are what make this movie so enjoyable. Each one of them presents some really scary moments. Even a seasoned veteran of scary movies such as myself got caught jumping a couple of times.

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