As they like to say in the videos that my kids watch non-stop on YouTube, "What's up, guys!" Michael here. How ya' holding up as we get into 30+ days of self-quarantine? I know, maybe it feels more like 100 days. Perhaps the kids are driving you bonkers or you are starting to get on your spouse's nerves if you've both been stuck at home all day. If you're single and self-isolating, there is a strong possibility that your dog or cat is getting annoyed by you.

Hopefully, you have not been laid off or furloughed. Unemployment numbers for Montana continue rising to record highs. Some of you may be going to work as an essential employee or maybe you are able to work from home. It's been pretty quiet here at the radio station with most of our crew working from home. And it feels pretty weird. I thought I'd give you a quick video tour today.

Do you miss your co-workers? Is it really quiet where you're "essentially" working? Or is it business as usual? If you get a moment, send us a quick video of what your work looks like right now on the Hawk Mobile App. It's really easy.

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