This morning (12/8) on my way to work, I spotted a large trainload of military equipment cruising down the BNSF rail tracks, heading west between Laurel and Billings. I grabbed my phone and managed to capture about half of the train. I counted around 100 various vehicles in the video  (from Humvees to heavy tanker-trucks and even a handful of tracked vehicles) and like I mentioned, the train was nearly twice as long as the video. Take a look.

When the public sees this sort of military equipment being transported in fairly large quantities, conspiracies inevitably arise with people sharing all kinds of nefarious ideas about what's going on. Some popular theories may include:

  • The government is setting up top-secret FEMA camps.
  • The government is preparing mandatory vaccination centers.
  • The government is preparing for martial law.
  • The government is preparing the military to come take our guns.
  • An giant alien craft crashed somewhere and this is a response team on its way to help hide the evidence.

Of course, I'm being semi-ridiculous with the last theory, but in the current wacky, fake-news, QAnon-alternate-news reality we're living in, it doesn't seem too far fetched that these conspiracy theories are being shared.

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The US Army reminds the public in this post on the Army Times that there is nothing sinister happening when we see large trains of military equipment being moved around the country, stating,

Army vehicles moving by rail across the country is a normal part of training operations and equipment deliveries, but in times of national crises, the hyper-aware American public notices those movements more often and sometimes speculates as to its purpose.

Or... maybe that's just what they want us to believe? 😉

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