So, as we were winding down the show today, we got to talking about how different network television is now versus when Paul and I were younger.

When he looked it up, Paul was surprised to find that 'Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom' was on the air from 1963 through 1988. Twenty-five years!

So I went to Wikipedia and punched in network programming from 1977-1978. And it brought back a lot of memories of the shows that my sister and I were allowed to watch.

In addition to 'Wild Kingdom', we also always watched 'The Wonderful World Of Disney'.

Donnie and Marie Osmond had a variety show. She would sing "I'm a little bit country" and he'd sing "I'm a little bit rock and roll".

'Happy Days' and 'Laverne & Shirley' were staples at our house. This was the first show that I could remember where characters from different shows knew each other.

'Starsky & Hutch' was a favorite of mine.

We also watched 'The Six Million Dollar Man: The Bionic Woman'. But when they tried to bring in a bionic bigfoot, I had to change channels. Only people are bionic. Everybody knows that.

'Maude', 'Good Times', 'The Jeffersons', 'Mash', 'One Day At A Time', and 'Rhoda' were all on. And I'll admit that I had a little crush on Rhoda. But Mary Tyler Moore was my main squeeze at that time.

And one show I always really liked was the 'Celebrity Challenge Of The Sexes'. Various famous people were put on teams and then competed in various sports.

I seem to recall Barbie Benton in a swimming race with Leif Garret. Leif won but America got to see Barbie Benton in a swimsuit. She also had a minor hit when she sang a remake of "I Wish I Was A Teddy Bear". But hers was cleverly worded "I Wish I Was A Barbie Doll".

And all of this TV viewing happened with only two channels -- the good old days.

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