While walking back from lunch last week, I couldn't help but notice these two double doors that are posted above the entrance to the DoubleTree Hotel in Downtown Billings. Where do they lead? Why are they there with no stairs or support on the outside? Well, the answer may surprise you.

I originally thought it was a fire exit.

Normally if you see doors on upper floors of tall buildings like this, they're meant to be emergency fire exits. However, I remembered that most buildings that have these exits would also have stairs or a ladder attached to the door which would allow people to leave quickly in a fire or other disaster. I knew then that it wouldn't be a fire exit, so I reached out to the hotel staff and asked them exactly what it was.

It was used to transport carpet rolls.

Yeah, it's a little odd, but it makes a ton of sense. According to the engineering team at the DoubleTree, the door was used during the renovation of the hotel to move large rolls of carpet using a crane onto the upper floors, which were then installed on that floor. It's a wonderful idea since those large rolls wouldn't fit on any of the elevators the hotel has.

If you ever visit the hotel, you'll never be able to access the doors anymore, because the way to them has been sealed off, preventing anyone from accidentally opening the doors. So, don't worry about any hazard; it's completely welded shut.

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It was such an odd sight to behold, but it's a unique and interesting part of Downtown Billings. And you may have never noticed it.

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