Remember all the emphasis that was put on the national Do Not Call List a few years ago?  We could and register our phone numbers, both cellular and landline, so telemarketers couldn't or shouldn't bother us?

Just an observation here, but did that just go by the way side?

I have been receiving a high volume of telemarketing calls lately, both on my cell phone and on my home phone.

I have on several occasions registered both my cell phone and my home phone as well as my husband's and my kids' cell phones on the Do Not Call List.

I went to the Do Not Call List website and it says, "Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days."

The funny, but not so funny, part of this is that they would actually expect these telemarketers to adhere to the rules.

I get that telemarketing is a job just like other jobs -- and it would seem to me that it is one of the jobs that suck out there.

I just wish that once you were on the list, you would not be inundated with phone calls.

And another thing, if you're going to call me and bug me, at least have an actual person on the other end -- not a robo recorded voice.

I must say that I love the "block this number" feature on my cell phone.

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