Every state has their share of weird laws, usually the result of, like, one guy who did something dumb and forced the government to put it into effect so that nobody else would do that dumb thing. It's like if you're walking through Wal-Mart and you see a sign that says "Please Do Not Lick The Watermelons." There's a reason that sign is there! It probably happened!

Thrillist put together this list of the weirdest state laws in every single state in the US, and there are some pretty crazy ones. Did you know it's illegal to eat a frog if it dies in California? Did you know that if you disturb a church service in Mississippi, you could be subject to a citizen's arrest?

So naturally, we were curious what they found for Montana. Here's what they said:

If you start performing onstage, you are committing to finishing that performance on stage -- you can’t abandon it mid-song. I came upon many strange and wondrous things while researching for this article, and the absolute strangest and most wondrous-est was the account of the 1987 court case that followed burlesque dancer Jimmy Lee Laedeke’s violation of this ordinance. Each minute you spend reading it counts as a minute of self-care.

Think that's the weirdest Montana state law, or can you think of a weirder one? Let us know!

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