This year, MontanaFair has some new additions when it comes to food. Perhaps the most notable: Rocky Mountain Oysters. I'm sure most people in this area are aware that Rocky Mountain Oysters is a slightly more appetizing name for bovine testicles.

Personally, I have never ingested the testicles of any animal and I thought I might give them a shot this year at the fair. I got there Saturday afternoon, fully prepared to be adventurous, but I just couldn't pass up my "once-a-year favorites" to fill up on bull balls.

For me, my fair experience isn't complete without eating the following:

  • Corndog
  • Some type of sloppy sandwich with excessive amounts of peppers and onions
  • Viking
  • Funnel Cake
  • A single potato made into a giant continuous curly fry

So far, there are no reproductive organs on my "must eat" list.

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