Every day since October 1, my daughter has asked if we can put up the tree yet.  No!  So she and the dog are jamming out to Christmas songs online while she waits.  Should I let her do it?

I love getting things off of my to-do list early, but even I think mid-October is a smidge early to put up the Christmas tree.

My 9-year old daughter, Kallan, is so into the spirit of Christmas already that she wants me to light a fire, make hot chocolate, and start stringing up lights right now.  (And she wants to wrap the dog in tinsel.  Benny is her loyal companion and I'm sure he would do anything for her, including accepting Yuletide humiliation during Halloween season.)

I'm not too into Halloween decorations, so there wouldn't be a conflict if I did decide to decorate for Christmas now.  There's no black and orange at our house to clash with the red and green.  And Christmas means a lot to our family, so having more time to enjoy the season would be a good thing.  I just fear burnout by December 1 if we put up the tree now, and I can sense haters sending me bad vibes because we would have broken every rule imaginable about when it's acceptable to break out the stockings and white lights.

I just love the energy that comes through in this video.  The anticipation of Christmas makes her so happy!  It's the music, the lights, time with family, time at church, and the gifts.  And lots and lots of decorations.

If you already have your tree up, you must let me know.  You may be the first in Billings to have broken the seal on Christmas, and Kallan will be your biggest fan.  You two are the reason the stores have the Christmas aisle right next to the Halloween section.  Ho ho!

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