Considering that the University of Minnesota has not scored a national title in basketball since all the way back in 1919 it's nice to see that this college is being recognized for at least SOMETHING.

There is a website that helps people find affairs known as Ashley Madison, and one time they surveyed the results of over 10,000 members and came across the fact that over 7% of the went to that college in Minnesota. Long story short? The University of Minnesota produces the most CHEATERS than any other college.

Who else made the list? Check out the top ten....

1.  The University of Minnesota


2.  Arizona State University


3.  The State University of New York at Buffalo


4.  The University of Maryland


5.  Ohio State University


6.  Florida State University


7.  The University of Iowa


8.  The University of Southern California


9.  Texas A&M


10.  The University of Michigan

We come to find out that people who have a degree in college are MUCH more likely to have an affair. Well, to be specific, more than likely to use the web to find others willing to have an affair. 9.4% of the affair catering website users only finished high school.

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