Today I  was trying to figure out what makes guys feel loved and appreciated on Valentine's Day.  As I pondered all the things I have done in the past, nothing that was "stellar" jumped from my memory banks.  Yes, my memory is still decent, so it must be the lack of creative and truly touching gifts I have tried to woo with in the past.  I decided this year would be my breakthrough year - I would find the "Holy Grail" of Valentine's Day gifts for guys!  Ok, so I might have cheated a little in coming up with these ideas (I asked the guys I know)   But, they seem pretty viable for winning over the males out there.  Here's my list - let me know what you think!

1. Humidor full of Cigars

2. Golf - anything from balls, clubs, gloves, rounds at a club, etc.

3. Date Night at HIS choice of Brew Pub or Tap Room

4. A Boudoir Photo

5. Meat - Steaks or Jerky

So, as  you can see, the list was varied and pretty darn creative!  What do you think?  Add your own idea below!